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    Heatless Hair Tips for Growing Your Hair

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    For pretty much my entire life, I’ve had very long curly hair. Then in my early twenties, I completed cosmetology school and got way too comfortable using high heat – like, 400 degree flat ironing my hair daily comfortable. I lost ALL of my natural curls but it wasn’t until a little after I had my second daughter in 2017 that I decided it was time to make the big chop. I cut off all of my dead, damaged hair *see pic below*, and since then, have taken much better care of my hair which includes lots of heatless styling.

    My heatless hair tips for growing your hair:

    1. Braid your hair at night. If you shower at night, like me, braid your hair when it’s about 70-80% dry. On “dirty” days (this also what I do after post workout because I don’t wash my hair everyday), brush your hair, spray the roots with dry shampoo, and then give yourself two quick french braids until the morning. If you can’t french braid, do four regular braids. Your braids don’t have to be even, tight, or pretty.
    2. 2. Invest in a silk pillow case and/or silk cap. You can get these on Amazon or a fancy one from Nordstrom – either will get the job done. I especially like to wear a silk cap on nights I blow dry my hair. It preserves the style so that I don’t have to reapply heat the next day.
    3. Hydrate your hair like you do your skin. My current favorite hair mask; that I do once a week, is the Miracle Hair Mask but It’s a 10. You can use the code “_krystalbailey” for a little discount but I make 0 dollars off of any of the sales and truly use it because I love it. #notsponsored

    4. It’s not about how many products you use but the quality of products. It makes a huge difference when you invest in salon quality products. I used to use a hair spray as a heat protectant and call it a day *face palm*. Now, on days where I use no heat, I use a light oil for frizz and a cream based product for waves. When I’m applying heat, I use the same light oil, a styling cream for hydration and hold, and a spray heat protectant (I’ll use this one a few times). Investing in good quality products will prolong the life of your blowdry+style so that you don’t have to keep applying heat to your hair every time you do it. Some of my favorite products at the moment are:

    • Oils: Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s oil, Verb Ghost Oil
    • Styling Cream: It’s a 10 Potion 10 Miracle Styling Potion
    • Spray Protectants: IGK Good Behavior (AWESOME for taming texture too!)
    • Curl Cream: Living Proof Cream

    5. Prolong your days between washes & heat with dry shampoo and easy styles like braids and buns. Never underestimate the power of a middle part and low ponytail a la Kim K.

    6. Lastly, CUT YOUR HAIR. Having long hair but the bottom 4 inches of it are scraggly and dead makes styling it so much harder –which makes you apply more heat (more heat=more dead hair=your hair struggles to grow). Break the endless cycle and talk to your stylist about trimming your dead ends but maintaining as much length as possible. After my big chop, I would only get a trim every other salon appointment.

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