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Our Family’s 2017 New Year Resolutions

My last two years have been crazy, to say the least. Nick and I got married in 2013 and decided to try to get pregnant after about a year of marriage. Luckily, we got pregnant rather quickly, but I had no idea that we would be surprised with baby number two just fifteen months after giving birth to our first. With two babies in two years came a lot of sacrifice from both of us. We rarely had alone time and personally, I never really had the opportunity to work on any of my goals. Every sacrifice has been totally worth it and now that my toddler is a little more independent and our baby is out of the newborn stage (and almost consistently sleeping through the night – hallelujah!), 2017 is OUR year. For me, I want to work on personal goals like health, fitness, and patience, but, as a family, we also have a few resolutions we hope to stick to this year:

1. Be more organized.

I don’t know if, as a family, this will ever NOT be a resolution. I thought I was unorganized before having babies but now, that’s laughable. Our goal this year is to spend more time on routines, schedules, and preparation. But realistically, I hope to never have piles of laundry and two smooth tuck-ins at bedtime.

2. Put down the technology.

Easier said than done when your hobby is blogging, your husband works in digital, and your toddler LOVES Minnie Mouse – but we’re determined to live in the moment and soak in every ounce of our kids’ development and milestones. If I’ve learned anything from my 18 month old, it’s that time truly moves faster than you think. I was never prepared for how fast my baby wouldn’t be a baby anymore.

3. Go outside more.

When we had one child, this was no sweat – we took her EVERYWHERE. But now, with two, we find ourselves making a few more excuses on why we should stay in. I know its hard, I know it feels like I’m carrying a suitcase everywhere I go but I promise to give Isabel all of the adventures and experiences that Giuliana had. I mean, I don’t remember all of the things I did before I turned one, but I’m sure my parents do and I’m sure they miss every bit of it.

4. Spend less on ‘things’ and more on experiences.

I remember judging parents as a non-parent and thinking, “I will NEVER spoil my kids.” Then, I had kids and I fell in love with seeing the excitement and joy on their faces when they get something new. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking that we’re creating selfish little monsters, and I slightly agree. So in 2017, we vow to take the $$$ we spend on ‘things’ for the girls and put it towards more trips, activities, and experiences as a family.

Happy New Year!

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