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Fiance does my Makeup Challenge | LYLAS Video

Seeing how my Fiancé swears he’s good at everything, I expected him to do pretty well on this makeup challenge. I was terribly mistaken. Watch him pretend to know what he’s doing, while also making me look like a clown!


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The Key To Being & Staying Organized

Organization can be so essential to a busy life. It can save you time, money, AND stress. I can’t tell you how many times I have found 4 of the same cleaning products under my kitchen sink. Mostly because it was a disaster under there, and then partially because I didn’t remember purchasing it – four different times! I’d like to blame that on pregnancy brain, but it used to happen even before I started creating little monsters – I mean children. Now however, I like to think I’m a pretty organized person. Probably a little too organized if you ask my fiancé. According to him, the entertainment center is a collection spot for any and everything that comes through the door. Silly, silly man! So how do I manage to stay so organized amidst a crazy busy life, well you know I’m going to tell you!

Organized at Work

The key to being organized is dedicating time to staying organized. You will have to dedicate time out of every single day to maintain organization. On the days that I go to the office, I take the first 15 – 20 minutes to sit down at my desk, open my planner, and organize myself. I make sure all my appointments and deadlines are written down, bills have been sent out, emails are all opened, and that I am on top of everything for at least the next couple of days. I cannot stress enough how much a planner helps me to stay organized. It is truly the control center of my life! I also take this time to look through any papers or letters that have accumulated on my desk. You know, the ill get to it tomorrow papers. After I feel like I have a good grasp on things, I take the time to write a to-do list for that day. This helps me stay on track and hold myself accountable for what I need/want to get done that day.

Organized at Home

When I am at home, I take the last 15 – 20 minutes of every night to pick up and put away the day’s clutter. Everything has a place where it belongs at my house. Bins and baskets are my holy grail! *Pro Tip – I buy almost all of my bins and baskets from the dollar store!* Taking this small amount of time at night to just put things where they belong keeps it from piling up and turning into a hour (or more) project in the next couple of days. I always start in the living room; throwing all toddler toys in their appropriate bins, placing throw pillows back on couch, folding blankets, and carrying all dishes to the kitchen. I’m not going to lie and say those dishes always get washed that night, but at least they are where they belong – in the sink!

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So many people assume that you’re either an organized person or you’re not – like they either have it or they don’t. And that’s so not true. Being organized takes dedication and time. Decide you want to stop stressing over the clutter and mayhem in your life, and start setting aside time to keep it organized! It’s that simple. I don’t know about you, but waking up to a disastrous house is not my idea of a good morning. The less clutter I have, the better I think and feel! And since Spring time is amongst us, what better time for that overdue Spring cleaning day?! Grab you an extra large coffee, throw on your favorite tunes, and get organized!

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OPI | Fiji Inspired Polishes for Spring & Summer

OPI recently launched their 2017 Spring & Summer nail polish collection inspired by the Islands of Fiji. Let me just tell you, they do not disappoint. But lets be real, does OPI ever disappoint? (That would be no). This collection has fun and vibrant colors sure to help your nails pop this Spring. And of course they’re accompanied by OPI’s signature cute and sassy names. I don’t know about you but when i’m picking out a color at the salon, 9 times out of 10, my final decision comes down to the name of the polish. I love to come home and ask my Fiancé if he likes my ‘Cajun Shrimp’ nails? To which he’ll usually respond, “You mean your red nails?”. *Side eye* Uh, no honey dearest, I mean my CAJUN SHRIMP nails. (Get it right!).

But enough about him – This collection holds twelve new shades, with at least one bold polish for every color of the rainbow. Even better, every color they launched with this collection has a matching Infinite Shine polish AND Gel polish. Say what?! That alone pretty much covers the preference of every polish wearing girl out there. Well played OPI! Also, their website is phenomenal. It allows visitors to virtually ‘try on’ the polishes by selecting from a range of skin tones, as well as nail lengths. No really, try it here! You can also view all 12 shades below.

OPI Fiji Collection – Colors and Names
OPI-Fiji-Spring-Summer-2017-Color-Names jpg

OPI-Fiji-Spring-Summer-2017-Color-Names-2My personal favorites from the collection are: ‘Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon‘ – because who doesn’t love a good pink? ‘I Can Never Hut Up‘ – a nice icy grey that will pair well with any Spring wardrobe. And ‘Suzi Without a Paddle‘ – the tranquil blue that just makes me somehow feel cool, calm, and collected.

Being that the Fiji Collection is still new, I would say call your favorite salon and ask if they have the new shades in or not. Or – you can always purchase the color yourself from any beauty supply store, and bring it to your salon! I love doing it that way. Then I know for sure that the bottle hasn’t been diluted a bunch by salon staff, and I get to add it to my polish collection for any touchups or repainting. I hope you get to try out a couple of the new shades this Spring/Summer. Comment your favorite colors below!

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Sweet Treats for The Last Minute Shamrock-er

St. Patrick’s Day snuck up on me this year like a Jedi ninja! How does it feel like we just celebrated New Years a few weeks ago and suddenly we are already in March! HOW?! Well, life -that’s how. And the older we get, the faster it seems to fly by. So being my usual over-planning self, you can imagine the panic that set in when I opened my planner this week and noticed the approaching holiday that I am clearly unprepared for. But do not fear, Pinterest is here! (Pinterest has probably saved my life on multiple occasions.)

Now, its not like my family has deep roots to Ireland or anything, but I enjoy participating in these festivities and c’mon, it’s fun! But to save you some time and energy, I picked out a few sweet treats centered around St. Patrick’s Day that are not only quick and easy to make, but sure to bring a little pot of gold happiness to those you share them with – pun intended. Oh and did I mention, Krystal and her family are in town with us this week *dancing twins emoji* which means we have an additional little kitchen helper and another hubby to enjoy our sweet treat productions! Just click the name of each treat to open the full recipe.

Clover Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie Treats St Patricks Day Jpg

A little green twist on a classic sweet treat! I typically have all the ingredients to make rice krispie treats in my pantry already, so grabbing some green food coloring was no biggie. And if you don’t happen to have a clover cookie cutter lying around (guilty), the fact that they are so perfectly green will still give the St. Patrick’s Day festive-ness.

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies St Patricks Day Jpg

Same idea as above – take a treat your family already enjoys, and just throw some green on it! This recipe gives instructions on how to make the dough from scratch, which might not be so quick and easy for everyone. So if i’m being honest, I am probably much more likely to take that same food coloring I purchased for the Krispie treats and toss it in my pre-made Betty Crocker cookie mix. I won’t judge if you don’t.

Trail Mix


This is probably one of the EASIEST sweet treats out there. I mean, no baking AND no refrigerating?! Count. Me. In. This treat can be tossed together with zero prep work and one eye closed! Amazing bonus – it can sit out on the counter as long as needed for endless snacking opportunities!

Leprechaun Popcorn


Do not be deceived by this sweet treats fancy appearance! It is just as quick and easy as all the others listed above. The only thing that may take you a little longer is picking up the sprinkles, M&M’s, and Lucky Charms cereal at your local grocery store. But if your stores are anything like mine, they have an entire aisle dedicated to today’s holiday – which makes finding it all a breeze. This recipe went a little further than I will, to be honest, and picked out only the green marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms cereal. For the sake of saving time, and my pregnant-toddler-mom sanity, dump any of the marshmallow shapes into the mix. Tomayto, tomahto!

I hope you get try and share one of these sweet treats today. And if you’re enjoying any adult Irish beverages, have a sip for me!

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My Favorite Online Shops For Unique Family Farmhouse Decor

We all have a few people we may not actually know but, in our heads, we consider a friend. For me, and probably you, one of those people is Joanna Gaines. I mean, who doesn’t absolutely love Chip and Jo, their adorable farmhouse and their incredible house transformations on HGTV’s Fixer Upper?

As most of you know, I live in the metropolitan area surrounding Washington D.C. My husband works in the heart of the city less than a block away from the White House – so, you can imagine that our neighborhood isn’t exactly as farm-esque as the Gaines’ hometown of Waco, Texas. Despite our city surroundings, we love incorporating farmhouse inspired décor. I particularly love pieces that are personal and/or homemade with a warm. So, I’ve rounded up a handful of my favorite online shops that bring us a little bit of a rustic touch to our suburban home.

  1. House of Belonging

A revolutionary family owned store that designs and creates handmade wooden, art prints, and more. Their pieces are gorgeous, unique, and inspirational.

  1. Sugarhouse Supply

A one stop shop of items designed, handmade, and/or carefully chosen with great care by the wonderfully tasteful Mary Lauren. Sugarhouse has a wide range of eclectic menagerie and pieces that are sure to turn into a family heirloom.

  1. Letters by Brit

A friend of mine from high school has recently embraced her talent and creativity and started her own custom canvas business. If you’re looking for beautiful and affordable custom art pieces to add to your home – she’s your girl! I owe Brit a room in my house for how many times she’s turned my visions into a reality. She also has a bunch of original pieces available to purchase or tweak to your taste.

  1. Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines at Pier 1

Aside from wall art, some of my favorite creative home pieces to shop for are rugs and pillows – so of course, I immediately fell in love with Joanna’s Magnolia Home line available at Pier 1. Just like everything else Jo touches, her latest collaboration is to die for. A lot of the pieces are hand crafted by artisans who have passed down their creativity and skill through generations. I love that Joanna keeps her love for quality even when pairing up with an accessible brick and mortar chain.

Anyone else dreaming of a family vacation to the Silos because Leigha and I are totally ready for one!

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