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Healthy + Tasty Toddler Smoothies

If you follow me on any social media outlet, you know that I’ve taken my healthy new year’s resolution for 2017 very seriously. To date, I’ve lost 24 pounds and, after having two babies in the last two years, am starting to FINALLY feel just a smidge closer to my old pre-baby self. Recently, I’ve added smoothies to (almost) daily meal regime.

I love that they’re quick, low-calorie, tasty, and, most importantly, easy to tweak to share with your toddler! Too often we end up tossing out fruit that happens to age quicker than we can eat it so, aside from jumping on the healthy smoothie wagon, I’m also slightly reducing our family’s waste – win, win!

Here are a few of our favorite toddler friendly smoothie combos:

Mango + Pineapple + Spinach

Blueberry + Apple + Spinach

Pineapple + Strawberry + Spinach

Banana + Strawberry + Spinach

Pineapple + Banana + Spinach

Tips + Tricks

Trim the Spinach – remove the stems and make sure the smoothie has NO trace of its texture. My toddler will run away screaming from any food that doesn’t meet her texture standards.

Use frozen fruit, not ice. Frozen fruit will create a better, thicker consistency than using fresh fruit and ice.

Vanilla almond milk or vanilla yogurt will make the smoothie a little sweeter and, if your toddler is a picky eater like mine, the few extra calories won’t hurt. 😉

We’re huge banana fans! If you ever question fruit pairings, pretty much anything with banana added to it tastes great.

Be a cool mom and have a fun straw collection. My girl loves picking out which straw she’s going to use and I’m 70% sure the straw is why she loves smoothies as much as I do.

I wish I could sneak even more veggies into my toddler’s smoothies and if I ever figure out the secret recipe, I’ll be sure to share!

A L S O ! I mentioned this guy a couple of weeks ago on my Instagram and how much my toddler LOVES using this bottle for fruit infused water. Well, Giuliana went through some MAJOR teething troubles when her molars came in so it was super nice to have something safe and cold to stick in mouth, and the smart bottles by Twist Shake Baby’s bottles have been our absolute favorite!

The bottles have a smart container in the center where you can store anything from a snack for on the go, powdered formula, or, our current fave, frozen fruit! They also have a super mixer that helps dissolve any lumps and keeps the fruit from clogging the bottle top.

Twist Shake Baby wants to give away one of their bottles to one of my mama friends! Head over the my Instagram – @_krystalbailey , for more info on how to enter!

They’ve also graciously provided a discount code for any of my followers curious about trying this awesome, anti-colic, BPA-free, PP-plastic, lifesaving bottle! Use code: krystalbailey20 for 20% off your order (even sale items)!

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