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The Hunter for Target FAIL!

At the beginning of March, Target announced a limited-edition Spring collaboration with Hunter, a British brand known for its iconic rain boots, outerwear, backpacks, and pretty much all things for being outdoors in the rain. You could practically hear the squeals from every woman with a Pintrest board for ‘cute boot outfits’ across the country. Pro Target shoppers, myself included, burned the release date into our calendars and then we anxiously waited, watching dozens of advertisements for the next month and a half. Release day finally arrives and the online world erupts about the trash below par items people were purchasing and their terrible experience. My morning was no different.

Christmas morning Release day arrives and in true basic girl fashion, I wake up at SEVEN IN THE MORNING ON A SATURDAY to make it to the only Target in my ENTIRE COUNTY that is participating in the Hunter collaboration before the doors opened. As I arrive, there is already a line at the door with people standing outside in the rain (there has to be a funny ironic pun about that). Just then, I get a text from Krystal (duh) asking if I’ve seen Targets update about the tall women’s boots? I’m all like, what? What update? I haven’t read anything this morning because I’ve been up at since the crack ass of dawn early hours, driving half an hour in the pouring rain! Well let me share with you just what the devil had to say that morning:

“For guests eyeing the women’s tall rain boots, unfortunately they are delayed and won’t be available in stores or online when the collection launches. We apologize for any disappointment and we’ll share more information when we can.”

Say whaaaaaaaaat? Oh no. You have got to be kidding me. You mean to tell me the exact item that has been seen in every Hunter advertisement for the last month and a half is “delayed”?! What the hell does that even mean? How did Target not already have the inventory they were marketing? I was about to fight the whole Target and Hunter team right then and there. However, I was not about to return home empty handed after all the effort I had already put into this morning.

The first problem that was immediately noticed was the LACK of inventory. I get that it was a “limited-edition” collaboration, but Target literally had a handful of each item – We’re talking raincoats with only 2 of each size, 3 hats TOTAL, a few backpacks in varying colors, and maybe five different sizes in the kids boots. Luckily (or so I thought), I was able to grab one pair of boots for each one of my kids. I threw them in my cart and zipped out of the mob as fast as I could. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized it looked like I had purchased these Hunter Boots from a dark ally in New York City. Let’s take a look at the first pair:


I get that the boots might not have the same quality as the Real Hunter boots, but why even put out such poorly manufactured items that are still going to represent your brand?! Everything about these boots is terrible. For one, the logo is obviously uneven, and then the backs have so many uneven cuts of whatever knock-off material they used held together by sloppy layers glue.


The next pair only get worse. The foot hole around the top is cut so sloppily they aren’t even symmetrical or THE SAME HEIGHT as its matching shoe. How SWAY?! The problems don’t just stop their either; the soles of the boots aren’t even, the back seam looks like my toddler tried to draw a straight line, and both pairs have a tacky glue smudged all over them.

I was certain I wasn’t the only one with such terribly constructed boots, so like any tech savvy millennial, I researched went to Twitter and quickly discovered I was right. Thousands of people were talking about just how bad this entire collaboration was handled from both Target and Hunter’s end. And as it turns out, the tall women’s boots were NOT “delayed” like Target had stated (bunch of liars!). In fact, some women got their hands on some that had not been pulled from the shelves prior to opening the doors. The boots were SO bad, everyone is now speculating that either Target or Hunter pulled the boots to avoid selling such bad quality.

Regardless of what the issue(s) were, someone seriously messed up on this collaboration. And to Target & Hunter – I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you! How dare you!?

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