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How I Cope With Anxiety – Physically and Mentally


My anxiety comes in waves. I have great days (weeks even) where I can talk about anything. During that time, I feel confident, and I’m super productive. Then, out of nowhere, my anxiety decides to make a visit. It’s not always out of no where, but triggers vary and can range from being nervous about a big event to just being overwhelmed.

For me, I just feel ‘dark’. Anything from overthinking to being on the verge of crying disrupts my entire day and night. I prefer not to be on medication but I’m totally in support of seeking it, being treated, and finding whatever works for you.

Here are my more ‘natural’ solutions that help me cope with anxiety:


M e n t a l l y

  • Books: I love finding a good self-help, motivational book. Sometimes biographies do it for me, too. Here are two of my current favorites that you can read over and over again.

White Hot Truth By: Danielle Laporte

You are a Badass By: Jen Sincero


  • Super Soul Conversations Podcast by Oprah: Her guests are AWESOME (The Rock/Dwayne Johnson, Maria Shriver, Tom Brady, Will I Am, etc), and every podcast has a great uplifting message. I highly recommend Super Soul.

oprah podcast


  • Audible: If reading isn’t your thing, or if you just don’t have the time, try Audible! I love to do both but time isn’t always on my side. Usually when my girls nap I like to catch up on cleaning, so I’ll play a book through Audible and it makes laundry or mopping SO much better. I also love it for long car rides! I love that you can instantly download a whole book and their selection is huge.


  • Gratitude Journal: Buy any journal that you’re drawn to and every night, before bed, write down one thing you’re grateful for. When you’re feeling down, read your journal. I also like to include things that I’m proud of: working out for a week straight, giving up meat, anything!


P h y s i c a l l y

  • The Sanity and Self App: This one kinda falls in both categories of mental and physical because it encompasses all elements of self-care. It’s described as the first guided wellness app for women with experts in fitness, massage, beauty, mindfulness, meditation and personal growth. I love the idea that an app was created because SO many people struggle with the heaviness of navigating life. Let this alone be a reminder that you’re never alone. Find tips and tricks for seeking calmness, energy, and balance. I personally love the treat yo’self section.


  • Meditating with Affirmations: Sit in silence, turn off your phone, and focus on your breathing. Personally, I like to write out affirmations before mediating so if that helps with your anxiety, join me. 

quote pinterest

  • Create a vision board: Pinterest is the BEST and easiest way to start. You can make it private- most of mine are. You can find lots of affirmations are on there, too. I like to make a vision board for the current year we’re in, and one that shows my long term (5-10 year) dreams/goals. Go for it!


  • Yoga: If your anxiety can be physically debilitating, YouTube it. Start at home, alone. 


  • Nike Training Club App: Exercise is amazing, period. It can scientifically change your mood and even on days where you’re stuck inside, do a quick 13 min workout from NTC. Your mind and body will thank you. NTC is completely free and totally suitable for beginners. 

Lastly, if you ever feel like you’re battling your dark days alone, DM me! Life can be tough, and I love when people reach out to me for support. They don’t know it, but they’re helping me heal, too.

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