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Three Types of People You Should Avoid in Life

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The older I get, the more I realize just how much control I have over who I surround myself with. People within your circle can really influence you and the way you see things in life. After all, you are who you associate with. And because my happiness (and sanity) is just such a precious thing these days, I try to make a conscious decision of weeding out the bad seeds (see what I did there) before they can negatively impact my thoughts, mood, or behavior. At this point, I have done a pretty good job at identifying a few specific people I do not want within my circle of happiness, and you shouldn’t eitherGood People Quote jpg

1. The Never Happy for Anyone Else Person

You know who I’m talking about. You could have just had the best day in your entire life, and they will find a way to deflate your happiness like a needle to a balloon. Picture this: You unexpectedly receive some money from the angels above and get to purchase that brand new Kate Spade purse you have added and deleted from your shopping cart at least a dozen times. Beaming with happiness, you share this news, and like clockwork Debbie Downer responds with, “I wish I had gotten a check. I need a new purse so bad, mine is like 5 years old with holes in it.” …… WELL ALRIGHTY THEN! Thank you, Deborah, for sucking all the joy out of that for me and now making me feel guilty for my tiny win. I will try not to accidentally hit you with my new Kate Spade purse next time I walk passed you. Ugh. These people are just genuinely not happy when people other than themselves have any type of success. And for that reason alone, you should try your best to avoid them!

2. The Always Gossiping Person

This person is not only like a private detective – knowing EVERYONE’S business, they are also like an open book when it comes to sharing everyone’s business as well. It is almost a talent really just how well, and quickly, they can find out the details of someone’s personal life. (I don’t know how they do it!) But nevertheless, they are just as quick at sharing it with you and every Joe Schmo that will give them the attention. A good rule of thumb – if someone is eager to talk about others with you, they are most definitely just as eager and willing to talk about you to others! Be careful what you share with the always gossiping person; even the smallest hint of something happening in your personal life can lead to an office wide discussion of how they think your marriage is in trouble. Wait, what?! Now, you can be friendly and polite to Mr. Inspector Gadget of course, but keep a safe distance. And know that he is probably going to talk about you regardless. Eye roll.

3. The One-Upper Person

This one’s name is pretty self-explanatory, and someone I am sure we have all encountered throughout our lives. The one-upper person isn’t always the one who has topped WHATEVER it is you are talking about, but you can bet your last dollar they know someone who has! You went sky diving in Australia during your summer vacation? Yeah, well their cousin jumped out of a plane with no parachute while holding a baby kangaroo. And they are going to immediately interrupt your story to talk about their cousin’s story for the next 20 minutes. (And now your RBF – resting b*tch face – is in full activation mode.) This person has a story for everything you mention and it is just somehow ALWAYS slightly better. Or bigger. Or more expensive. You get my drift? Once you’ve identified the one-upper person in a group, just smile and wave. Conversing with them will just leave you feeling like such a mediocre member of society. Although, they probable know someone more mediocre than you as well.Learning Quote

OH! And just one more person you should avoid at all costs – a black coffee drinker. Because, you just don’t want such mental instability around you in life.

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