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How I Almost Ruined My Proposal

How I Ruined my Proposal Cover Photo

Valentine’s Day brings lots of lovely things this time of year – flowers, candy, long sappy social media posts (guilty), and one of my favorites, highlight proposals! Now I am not one of those people who roll their eyes when another couple gets engaged on this Holiday; partly because who has the time to be so salty, and also because – it’s beautiful! I love seeing other couples celebrate their love and commitment to one another, so proposal pictures are always welcomed on my timeline!

Seeing so many proposals this year really got me thinking about my own proposal, which as you can guess from the title, I almost (but basically) ruined. It’s a funny story that my fiancé and I can laugh about now, but in the moment when I realized exactly what was happening, I couldn’t believe I had almost ruined it all! So grab your favorite snack and get ready for some story time!

Claudio, my now fiancé, and I traveled up to Washington D.C. for a weekend with Krystal and her family. Now I should have known something weird was going on when Claudio had something to say about every single outfit I was bringing on this trip! My outfits were either “too casual” or received a “I guess that looks okay” comment from Mr. Peanut Gallery himself. However, having no idea what was in store for this trip, I chalked it up to him being extra annoying and getting on my very last nerve. This was also the first time my one and a half year old (Ellie) was traveling on a plane! As you can imagine, a teething + whiney toddler on an airplane experiencing ear pressure for the first time was just – joyous. Also worth mentioning, I was about six weeks pregnant! So to set the setting for this surprise proposal: hormones, stress, and nerves were at an all time high amongst all of us!

The Proposal

One day of the trip, Claudio was super hyped about going to walk around and see all of D.C.’s famous monuments/memorials. Being that I have seen them all, it feels like it’s about 95 degrees outside, Ellie is being extra miserable this morning, and Krystal is nearly аdvocate 39 weeks pregnant, I was NOT so hyped about this outing – but out we went! After finding a parking spot on the opposite side of the city, we start our voyage through the desert D.C so Claudio who I love and adore can stare at some concrete structures, I mean monuments & memorials (can you tell how much of a Debby Downer I was being). During our trek, we are all pouring sweat, Krystal’s water is about to break (j/k but not really), and Ellie goes into full blown code toddler meltdown mode. I clench her to my chest and start the brisk im-super-frustrated walk. We get to this bridge that runs between the World War II Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. I quickly see that the next point of shade is across this never ending bridge, so I jet towards it. After I get to the other side, I realize everyone i’m with is still on the other side NOT coming across! I’m thinking, “what the hell are they doing?! Hurry up before I melt out here!”.

I stomp back across the golden gate bridge to find Claudio wanting Krystal to take a picture of us; standing on the bridge, in the blazing sun, with a Memorial (that is going to be so teeny tiny in the photo) behind us. I was honestly about to lose it people. Still holding a crying Ellie, I tell him to just take the picture by himself! Krystal’s husband Nick walks over to me and is like I’ll hold Ellie so you can take the picture. I’m like no, she will freak out, I’ll hold her and he can take the picture alone. He’s like, well no, you’re not going to do that, let me hold her. I’m looking at him like he’s crazy and he’s looking at me like give me the baby you psycho. He pretty much peels her off of me and I go to take this damn picture.

Claudio and I forcefully strike our couple pose and Krystal starts snapping photos with her super nice camera, which i’m like this is weird, just use one of our phones, but whatevs. Claudio turns to me while i’m staring & smiling at Krystal cause hello, she’s taking the picture and he says, “You’re making this a little difficult.” I look at him and am like what the hell are you talking about, look at the camera and take this photo before I have a mommy meltdown right here and now. And then it happened. Drum roll people! He took a step back, got down on his knee, pulled out a ring and said, “Will you marry me?”.

All at once, everything I had thought was so weird the past few days suddenly made sense; why he cared so much about my outfits, why a very pregnant Krystal was so willing to hike all over town, and why everyone wanted us to take this specific picture, on this specific bridge; they were all hiding the secret that Claudio was about to propose!

My stomach dropped to my feet, my throat closed up, and I couldn’t decide if I was going to burst into tears or scream with excitement – so I did both. 

Looking back, I guess this could have been the perfect chance for Claudio to run, but he didn’t. And I love him even more for that. He truly loves me through the good and bad. I am incredibly blessed to have someone who still wants to marry me, even when I basically ruined his entire proposal.

Do you have any stories similar to mine? I’d love to hear them!

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