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AS SEEN ON TV | Simply Straight Hairbrush Straightener

SImple Straight Hairbrush First-Impression

Hairbrush straighteners have really flooded the market in the last year, with so many different brands claiming they achieve the best results in the quickest amount of time. Being that I am ALL about saving time when it comes to my everyday beauty routine, I knew I had to try one and share my first impression. The one I have seen the MOST advertisements for is the Simply Straight™ Ceramic Straightening Brush. It claims to be fast and easy to use, to smooth and straighten hair, and is gentle, safe and perfect for all hair types.

After I convinced my fiancé to let me add another hair tool to my graveyard, I mean collection, I snagged one for half the price on Amazon than what I have seen it for in department stores. Eager to look like the models on the box, I went to town on my mane the first day I received it. Below is what I thought about the product and process before, during, and after using it.


Blonde Wavy Hair before hairbrush JPG

The product itself is pretty well made – as it didn’t feel cheap or flimsy in my hands. It has all the basic buttons including: On/Off, Up & Down for the temperature control, and an digital display screen. The cord was a comfortable length and everything worked with ease. Overall, nothing to really complain about as far as my first impression of pulling the brush out of the box.

As for my hair, that hot-mess-express pictured above is the result of a late night shower and then air drying throughout the nights slumber. I woke up this morning, catered to the family (mainly the toddler) and managed to scarf down some cold coffee and peanut butter toast. As soon as nap time rung, I zipped to the bathroom and plugged in the hairbrush.


The brush heated up within a couple of minutes, which was surprising to me. Probably because my flat iron is from the dinosaur era and takes forever to reach a high temp. I figured I would give the Simple Straight a fair chance, and followed the directions of separating my hair into smaller sections (half up, half down at first) and then running it through about 2 inch sized sections. My hair was definitely smoother and frizz free after the first pass, but perfectly straight – no. I passed it through each section 2 – 3 times before it was what I would consider straight. Although, this was still a fairly quick process – I was done with my whole head in 10 minutes or less.

Now because my hair is on the shorter side, I’m not able to hold the ends and pass the brush through for very long or hold the bottom of my hair tight to create good tension against the brush; which I think would make a big difference when using this product. I also didn’t have as much control over slightly curling my ends in, as I normally do when styling my hair with my flat iron. After I had done my hair section by section, I enjoyed running the brush through my hair just like a regular brush. After a couple of swipes I realized I was just playing with it and had to force myself to put it down and walk away. Also, my hair was starting to do the gawd-awful static thing. You know, where your ends start to fly away from one another like you’ve just been electrocuted…. *side eye*.


Blonde Straight Hair after hairbrush 1 JPG

While using the Simple Straight Hairbrush, I was pretty impressed with the results I was seeing in such a short amount of time. However, after using it and inspecting my hair a little more, I did find the flaws. As others have mentioned, you cannot get all the way to the root/scalp of your head like you would with your flat iron. Because of this and the brush being much larger than a flatiron, you are not able to tame those wild baby hairs that surround your beautiful face – nor was I able to curl my ends in.

BUT! Do not discredit the Simple Straight just yet. It definitely did smooth my hair, reduce my frizz to pretty much none, and take almost all the waves away. For a quick 10 minute tool, I loved it. I would probably use this brush when I want to just freshen up my hair and take a little bit of the craziness out. I would also use it right before I threw my hair up in a top knot style or pony tail for a quick errand. But for actually styling my hair for an important outing or date night, I would still grab for my good ole Tyrannosaurus-Flat Iron-Rex. Overall, if you’ve got hair like mine (thin & fine), I say the Simply Straight Hairbrush Straightener is worth the 25 bucks to be added to your oh-so-precious hair tool collection.XO Leigha Signature JPG

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