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Surviving Pregnancy – Must Have Products & Tips

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Let me start this post off by saying, everything I thought I knew about pregnancy was a lie. I mean, isn’t it supposed to be all ice cream cravings and glowing auras? Ha. Biggest lie since the dawn of civilization. And you know what the worst part is? The women of the generations before us have continued these pregnancy myths so well, that when we experience it for the first time ourselves, we feel like we’re lost in this twilight zone as to why this is so hard! Because pregnancy is downright hard. And exhausting. And uncomfortable. And…. okay, I’ll stop talking about myself (j/k, but not really). However, with this being my second pregnancy, I feel confident that I have sorted through all the ‘mommy must have’ fluff and figured out exactly what I need to essentially – Survive Pregnancy.

1. Stretch Marks, Itching, Burning

All those adjectives above are going to be used interchangeably when you talk about your ever-growing belly. And boobs. No one ever mentions the boob part – but they grow and stretch just as much as that baby bump! I’ve tried everything under the sun to rid myself of that itchy feeling, but what I have found that tackles all the stretching issues is – coconut oil!

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Viva’s Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil goes on so well and really gives you that deep moisturizing feeling long after applied. I also love the smell of it – it’s not that overpowering coconut smell like you just stepped off a tropical island (although I wish I had). And depending on how itchy you’re feeling at that moment, you can rub a little or a lot. Now, because it is an oil, it’s going to feel more ‘oily’ versus lotion-y when applied. But I really find this oil helps quench my skins thirst, rather than temporarily soothing it like a lotion does. I have been lucky and have not had any stretch marks with either pregnancy. TIP: I like to shower before bed and apply this all over my belly, boobs, and hips right after. I oil up, throw my Fiancé’s baggy t-shirt on and hit the sheets!

2. Oily Hair

Yup, you can count on pregnancy to change more about your body than just its size. The first change we’ll tackle is excess oil production, specifically in your hair.  I already have fine hair that produces too much oil. (Probably because I wash it so much, but I have to when it gets oily so quickly – see my dilemma?) Anyways, when I am pregnant, my hair goes into overdrive on producing oils for whatever reason; yay me. To combat this I grab my FAVORITE dry shampoo every morning.

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Batiste’s Dry Shampoo is the ONLY dry shampoo that I have ever tried that I have zero complaints about. Ever. And best of all, it’s one of the cheapest I’ve ever tried as well! It sprays out as a light powder and goes on so evenly. It does come out white, which is perfect for my light blonde hair, BUT don’t think they forgot about you non-blonde haired girls! This brand offers many different variations, including one for light brown, dark brown, red, and even different scents. Their website even has a cool product finder tool that helps you locate the best product for you based on your hair color and style preferences. TIP: Part your hair behind one ear, spray product in the part from a foots distance, and then move the part an inch or two up and spray again. Continue this until you have worked your way all the way over your head to the other ear. Rough it up with your fingers, let sit, and then brush it through. Voila!

3. Sweat

Next up on the list of things your body will start to do is – body oder. You know the old saying that pregnant women have such a beautiful glow? Yeah, that’s just light reflecting off of our sweat. We’re not glowing; we’re SWEATING. Whether it’s from the raging hormones pumping through our bodies, the increase in our body’s temperature, or our significant other getting on our last nerve – we just sweat. So first things first, throw out your dainty girly deodorant and get you a tool more fit for the job – Mens deodorant!

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Old Spice’s Bearglove is strong enough to fight off the hormone stink, while also not smelling like your dad’s old date night cologne. I specifically get only this scent though, so I can’t speak about not smelling like your dad with any other. Plus, this one is an antiperspirant and deodorant combo – take that funky smelling armpits! TIP: Apply an even coat to both under…. i’m kidding. It’s deodorant. Do your thang!

4. Sleep – Or Trying To Anyways

Getting a good nights sleep is SO hard when you are pregnant. Especially the further along you are. Your hips are either aching or falling asleep, you have to pee again, or you just flat out cannot get comfortable! For me, a pregnancy pillow has been a LIFE. SAVER. Specifically, this one: The PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow.

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This pillow is large enough that I can wrap it up through my legs and fully encase my body, or stretch it out to have a large opening, you know, for when I roll out of the bed at night. I love how easily the cover comes off and on; it has a long running zipper down the side. I do prefer a slightly firmer pillow and this one meets that preference without being rock hard and heavy. It allows me to rest my head and one leg at an even level, helping distribute my new lovely weight. Also, the price is comparable to all the others on the market, including the well known ‘Snoogle’ pillow. TIP: Make your bed with your pregnancy pillow already under the sheet and blanket. This makes crawling into bed at the end of an exhausting day so much easier!

5. My Secret Weapon – Under Eye Cream

Piggy-backing on the sleep topic above – when you’re not getting enough sleep, your face will definitely show it. For me, that means dark under-eye circles! I get them easily, and I get them fast (again, yay me!). Because I can’t always find time to apply my favorite concealer before running out the door, I like to prevent and lighten these raccoon eyes the best I can. That is where my secret weapon comes in!

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The illuminating eye cream by e.l.f is a game changer. This little baby packs a big punch – infused with jojoba, vitamin E, cucumber AND antioxidants like shea butter and green tea. Hello hydration and goodbye dark circles! The cream glides on your skin and absorbs in perfectly. Tip: Apply this fresh out of the shower as well. Your pores and under eye area will thank you!

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