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Having Two Under Two | LYLAS Video

In less than a month we will no longer have two under two! Feels like yesterday I was laying in bed, 9 months pregnant, snuggling my 15 month old, and slightly panicking about what was in store for us as a family of four. The journey wasn’t easy but as the girls grow, and their bond forms, I am constantly reminded of how valuable these past two years have been.

Curious of some of the challenges we faced and what our two under two experience was like? Click on the video below!


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mommy must haves

My Current Mommy Must-Haves + New LYLAS Video!

My mommy essentials are constantly changing with seasons, development stages, and every other thing life throws at us! I’m also in a small state of disbelief that in just two months, we’ll no longer have two girls under two years old! But, do I really thinking having a terrible two-er and an almost one-year-old will be any easier? Yes and no – but I’ll save my reasons why for a different post. 😉

Currently, Giuliana, my oldest, is just about 22 months old and Isabel, our baby, is close to 7 months. Life these days is full of hair pulling, peek-a-boo, DROOL, many meal times, and LOTS of loads of laundry. I put together a list of my current mommy must-haves that help me get through each day and also some beauty products that I’m absolutely loving!

To see the entire list and hear why I chose each item, head on over to our new YouTube channel: LYLAS!  or watch below!

Products Mentioned:

  1. Lily Jade Diaper Bag in the style: Madeline Camel & Jade
  2. Replay Recycled Snack Containers
  3. Comotomo Teether
  4. Nuby Teether
  5. Carter’s Teething Bibs
  6. Crayola Bath Crayons
  7. Maybelline Falsies Mascara
  8. Touch in Sol Metallist Liquid Foil & Glitter Eye Shadow Duo
  9. Living Proof Curl Defining Styling Cream

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What are some of your current go-to’s?

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The funny side of a first-time dad

Being a first-time mom is great. And also scary. And also one of the single hardest things I have ever experienced in my life! But during those caffeine-fueled first weeks, you get to see a side to your partner you have not seen before; especially if he is also a first-timer like yourself. Here are just some of the comical things I experienced with my little ones’ first-time dad:Number OneDad is almost certain that every sound the baby makes means she is pooping! Baby laughs – she’s pooping. Baby squeals – she’s pooping and it MUST be hurting her. Or my favorite, baby actually passes gas – OMG it’s leaking out and we better hover her over the tub until she’s finished!Number TwoWhen dad says he will get up with the baby and let you sleep tonight, what he really means is – he will get up with the baby for a maximum of 15 minutes before coming to wake you up, (as if you were actually sleeping and not laying there listening to him struggle through the monitor).Number ThreeThe phobia of touching little lady parts. Me – did you wash her girly area?  Him- What do you mean? Yeah, I sprayed it down.
….oh great.Number FourDad swears the baby is always hungry! You just fed her 5 ounces 30 minutes ago, but when she starts to cry it definitely means that she is on the brink of starvation and must be nursed back to life with an immediate bottle. Side eye.Number FiveNo matter how many times he has prepared a bottle that day, dad will ALWAYS ask how many scoops, how many ounces, and how long to shake it for. Always.Number SixThe infamous what did you do all day question? Yeah, it’s real. And he WILL ask it. It must be a mystery how all the clothes are washed, folded, and put away – the dishes are done – the bottles are clean and drying – the baby doesn’t have any throw up on her – AND dinner is on the stove. ‘Cause heaven forbid he comes home and you’re still in your favorite pajamas; it must mean you have done absolutely nothing all day!
Leigha Mom With Baby Ellie JPGBut don’t fret new moms! There is always that glorious first time that dad stays home for a full day with baby. You walk in to find: dirty diapers on the coffee table, half-drank bottles scattered throughout the house (there’s even one in the bathroom; why were you feeding the child in the bathroom?), and the baby is still in last nights clothes. Ah yes, on this day you are greeted with the warmest embrace and an apology for ever daring to wonder what it is you do all day!

Yours Truly, The Mom Maid.

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