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Meal Delivery Services

Top 3 Meal Delivery Services Review

Meal Delivery Services are popping up everywhere! With so many to choose from, how do you decide which one is best for you and your family?

I was able to try three of the most popular services and reviewed them for you in the video below! Although they have several similarities, it really came down to the smaller details for who wins the number one spot!

I hope you enjoy my review and it helps you in deciding which service to try!

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One Word To Describe The RIGHT Relationship

New relationships can be fun and exciting. There is nothing better than the butterflies you get when your new special someone calls your phone, or knocks on your door. But how can you tell if this new relationship is the right one? I’ll tell you!

While I may not be a licensed relationship expert, or have written the book on all things love and romance – I have had my own real world experiences about dating that have allowed me to simplify this answer down to one word. Are you ready for it? Let the suspense build… drumroll… The ONE word that can tell you if you’re in the right relationship or not is – Easy. Yup, that’s right. The word is actually EASY.

Everything is just easy about this new relationship. He’s easy to talk to. You feel easy around him. His friends like you. Even better, YOUR friends like him (or what you’ve screen shotted to them so far anyways). There are no complications with scheduling, or timing, or potentially sassy mother-in-laws. It all just works. Trust me on this one. Everything about the new relationship will just be easy and flow naturally. And the right one is supposed to be like that.

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Now why do I say this? Well, for starters I have been in relationships that were NOT described with such ease. Examples? Oh, I’ve got them. Back in college I dated a guy who I thought was everything I wanted, at least on paper that is. He was a little bit older than me, which I assumed meant more mature *side eye*, had a career with goals he was working towards, polite, respectful, family oriented – you know, all that stuff we girls put on our “checklists.” Except there was just one problem – nothing about our interactions were easy. I never felt like myself around him or comfortable enough to talk to him about why I didn’t feel like myself. Conversations never came easy or flowed. And knowing whether or not our friends and family liked each other was not even a factor, considering in the many months we spent “dating,” we never met each others important people. There was just always some kind of bump in the road that should have made me walk away a lot sooner than I did – like not hearing from him for days at a time. Stupid boy. 

But then I found myself starting a different kind of relationship four years ago. One that was, take a wild guess, easy. He lived over an hour and a half away – but it wasn’t even a problem. We made time to see each other every second we could, and if we couldn’t actually see each other, we were in constant communication. His friends were funny, and normal (thank god, weird friends can be the worst). My friends couldn’t wait to meet him and most importantly, my grandmother adored him. I had never felt more like myself than on our first date, which everyone knows should be SO nerve wracking. But nope – it was all just easy. I remember coming home after our first date and runny to tell my grandmother everything about him. She asked me how it went and I told her, with absolute certainty, “I’m going to marry him one day, he just doesn’t know it yet.” Four years later and that man is now my Fiancé, and we are expecting baby number two together!

So if you’re wondering if your new relationship is the right one, just ask yourself this: Can you whole heartedly describe the start of this relationship with just one little word that starts with E and rhymes with peasy? If so, dive head first into that thing! If not, be a smart girl. Cut your loses and make room for the EASY one to come along!

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