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My Scary Labor & Delivery Story | LYLAS VIDEO!

My labor & delivery of my first baby was a breeze! I labored for 6 hours, pushed for 45 minutes and had an epidural less than half way through! Pretty much a pregnant woman’s dream, or at least it was for me! So naturally, I assumed my second baby’s labor & delivery would be somewhat similar. Well boy oh boy was I wrong! Apparently Lorenzo had other plans in mind; like trying to make his grand entrance into the world in the Hospital lobby. True story.

Watch Leigha share her terrifying delivery story AND meet the little man himself! Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for weekly postings on all things life and beauty.


Love ya like a sister,

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Tips for Battling the Baby Blues

So you’ve just had a baby – Congratulations! Everyone is over the moon excited for you and you are too! This life you have created and grown inside of you the last 40 weeks is finally here, and you’re mesmerized. It’s all new and exhilarating and magical… until a couple of days after bringing baby home and suddenly, it’s not.

It seems like all at once the reality of a newborn and outrageous hormones hit you like a freight train. You’re overwhelmed, sleep deprived, scared, stressed, and in most cases, CLUELESS of what is going on; not only with baby, but with you as well. You’re bursting into tears for irrational things, you’re finding yourself growing angry at the smallest of issues, and you’re wondering what the hell you were thinking bringing this baby into the world with such a crazy mother. Well sister, welcome to the Baby Blues.

Let me be the first to tell you, and I want you to really understand this; YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I feel like the baby blues and postpartum depression are some of the BIGGEST kept secrets about becoming a new mom. You very rarely hear a woman talk about how down and dark she felt after having her baby. Is it because society paints this unrealistic picture of what having a newborn should be like? With all the perfectly posed photos and all the advertisements of a mom rocking her peacefully sleeping baby at night? Whatever it is, open discussions about baby blues is such a taboo in our culture; which makes moms who are battling it feel even more alone.

I had absolutely no idea that managing and working through my baby blues would be so incredibly hard with my first baby, Ellie. With Enzo being my second baby however, I was able to handle them much better this time – mainly because I made a conscious effort to recognize and communicate what I was experiencing. So naturally I wanted to share what helped me the most, so that I may be able to help another mother that is struggling like I did.oh baby banner jpg



The first thing that helped so much with my baby blues was admitting that I was experiencing them! With my first baby, I was convinced that I had turned crazy. That there was surely something wrong with me, because who cries over having to wash bottles for the third time today? I had heard how much a baby can change a woman, and I was scared that I was going to be a mess of a person forever. With baby number two however, I would still burst into tears for the smallest of things (like when my toddler refused to give me a hug), except this time I knew it wasn’t me acting psychotic, it was the hormones. Once I accepted the fact that I was going through the baby blues, it made it so much easier to allow myself to be emotional while also knowing that this too will pass.


The next GREATLY important tip that saved me from crying myself to sleep at night was communication. If I was feeling sad, I would say it. I wasn’t trying to hide my erratic emotions from anyone, and that helped me so much. I am incredibly lucky to have the friends, family, and Fiancé that I have. I texted Krystal at all hours of the night just to articulate and talk through what I was feeling. And after every conversation with her, I felt better. I had family members ask me what I needed help with, and when I shared that meals were becoming overwhelming for me to prepare, serve, and clean up, guess what happened? They brought me dinner. When I cried on my Fiancé’s shoulder one night and told him I was feeling all alone, he came to the baby’s room after putting our toddler to bed to cuddle with me as I fed Enzo to sleep. The moral to all of these instances is that if you communicate with the people around you about what you’re feeling, they will respond with exactly what you need at that moment.

It is Not Happiness All The Time

Lastly, and I don’t think enough women truly understand this one, but having a newborn is one of the hardest things you will ever experience, both physically and mentally. There isn’t much to be excited about when all they do is scream at you when they are hungry. Or wet. Or hot. Or cold. Or tired. Or, …you get the idea. And it is OKAY for you not to be happy about all of this. I felt so guilty about feeling unhappy with my first baby that I would tell myself how terrible of a mother I was. I mean, why didn’t I feel rainbows and butterflies every time I looked at her little face like all the other moms said they felt all over social media. Oh that’s right, because social media is only the highlights of that mother’s day. She isn’t posting a crying rant at 3 am when their baby is refusing to go back to sleep. She isn’t posting a video of her baby hysterically crying any time she gets put in a car seat. And she isn’t posting a picture of herself with hair that hasn’t been washed in days and clothes that have baby fluids all over them. Once I started to IGNORE the lie social media portrays of motherhood, I stopped being so guilty about how I was feeling. It’s not only okay to not be jumping for joy during this time period, it’s actually normal!

So relax, new Mama. Remind yourself that you are doing the best you can and rest assure that this time will pass and it will get better. You are a warrior now. You are a mother.

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I truly thank every friend who checked in on me and every family member who took the time to give me a call or bring me a meal. But most importantly I thank my Fiancé, who has not only catered to my every need these last two weeks, but also exemplified what an amazing father he is to our children each and every day.

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What’s In My Hospital Bag | Plus Video!

Just like other first time moms, I had no idea what I was doing when it came to most things baby related. This included packing my hospital bag for my labor and delivery stay. When I tell you I packed enough for a small vacation, your girl ain’t lying! I had to dig through all the extra crap I packed in my family sized suitcase, I mean, bag, just to get to what I really needed; the basic essentials! So using my first mistakes as lessons learned, I now feel like I have exactly what I need in my hospital bag for my 2nd attempt at being a new mommy.

Hospital Bag – For Baby

While in the hospital, baby really isn’t going to need much, besides all the newborn snuggles in the world of course! If your hospital is anything like mine, they provide you with almost everything you need: diapers, wipes, formula, pacifier, blankets, etc.. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still bring them a few things. I packed two cute swaddle blankets that have a matching hat to wrap baby boy in for his grand announcement photo. (Not that this is necessary, but c’mon, I’m a blogger and have been planning out this picture for weeks now!) I also threw in 3 different footed pj’s in new born size with THE CUTEST prints on them. Although, I know baby will be swaddled the majority of our hospital stay. And I’ll just pick from one of those for his going home outfit!

Hospital Bag – For Mommy

As far as items for momma bear, I tried to pack just the essentials. Well, for the most part anyway. I did throw in some nail polish and basic makeup items, which some may not consider to be an essential right after giving birth, but I am hoping to not look so much like a mommy monster this time around!


  • Toothbrush & Paste.
  • Shampoo & Conditioner & Body Wash.
  • Body Lotion & Face Lotion.
  • Chapstick! (Extremely important girlfriend!).
  • Hairbrush & Hair Ties/Head Bands & Hair Spray.
  • Deodorant.
  • Prenatal Vitamins (You’re going to want to keep taking these even after you give birth!).
  • Makeup & Nail Polish – I’m a dreamer, okay? 😉


  • Going home outfit – take your biggest and most comfortable maxi dress. Trust me on this one.
  • 2 outfits – loose fitting and comfortable. I have roll over yoga shorts that I will keep unrolled up&over my belly, and loose fitting high-waisted capri pants. Both paired with a baggy t-shirt provided by my Fiancé’s side of the closet.
  • Adjustable sports bras. (You’re going to be swollen).
  • Large, unattractive underwear. (If you don’t want to wear the mommy diapers the hospital will provide).
  • Socks.


  • Pop-Tarts
  • Special K Bars
  • Fruit Gummies
  • Pretty much anything you typically like to snack on. You know, for when you’re waiting on baby daddy to bring you your gourmet take out!

For your viewing pleasure, I have also filmed all of this exciting information for you and posted it on our YouTube Channel. Yay! You can watch that below <3

Because we have Ellie, our 2 1/2 year old, daddy will be staying at home with her during the nights of my hospital stay. Therefore, he gets nothing in my hospital bag! Ha. I am so excited to bring this baby boy into our lives, and can’t wait to share him with you all! Stay tuned.

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sorry moms

To All of the Moms I Judged Before I Became One – I’m Sorry.

Five years ago, an unmarried and kid-less me, along with my then fiancé Nick, decided to go out for a late dinner on a Friday night. I remember it was around early December, cold, and at least 8 o’clock when we arrived to a trendy, semi-upscale restaurant and put our names on their waitlist to be seated. As we walked over to the waiting area, I noticed a small family taking up just about every seat. I looked at Nick and most likely, rolled my eyes – I thought, “It’s late, cold, and completely unnecessary to have your young children (three all who looked to be under the age of five) out at a busy adult restaurant – why are they here?!

As we sat and waited for our names to be called, I bit my tongue as I watched two of the three young children run up and down the small waiting area, and the youngest one, still a baby, fuss as his mother rocked him. “Absolute chaos! My kids will never behave like that.” I said to myself.

crying babies

Aside from judging moms in public, I frequently evaluated all my friends on social media who had babies.

“You co-sleep with your toddler?!”

“Your ONE year old is eating BACON!?”

“Who gives their toddler McDonald’s – you’re SO lazy!”

Clearly, younger me, who only had herself to worry about, was not the most sought after person for parenting advice. Who the hell was I to judge anyone for their parenting choices?! I was young, naïve, ignorant, and in for a huge awakening just five short years later.

So, to the mom who probably just needed a break from being outnumbered and under-caffeinated in the house all day with three small monsters – I deeply apologize and wish I could’ve rocked your infant for you.

To my real-life friends who I silently judged on Facebook and deemed you a careless, inattentive parent – I’m sorry. I am greatly remorseful for my ignorance.

Why was I such a judgmental b*tch? 

Well, what have I learned? Hindsight is 20/20 and karma is real.

toddler on new years

Currently, in 2017, I’m a stay at home mom with two girls both under the age of two whose nineteen-month-old has co-slept with us since she was a little over a year, operates an Ipad better than me, and hasn’t died from having McDonald’s a couple of times a month.

dad toddler pic

As a family of four, we regularly go out to dinner after 6 pm and most times, I’m lucky if my toddler only has one meltdown.

Most times, especially if we’re at a trendy, semi-upscale restaurant, I can feel the death stares from my kid-less peers and I want to tell them that I KNOW what they’re thinking. I want to say that I was in their shoes just a few years ago and that for most of them, their time is coming. One day soon, their child(ren) will be knocking their silverware off the table while they unreasonably scream at you for offering them a french fry.

But this time, I promise you, I won’t judge – I will voluntarily pick up that silverware for you and smile because we’re all in this together.

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The funny side of a first-time dad

Being a first-time mom is great. And also scary. And also one of the single hardest things I have ever experienced in my life! But during those caffeine-fueled first weeks, you get to see a side to your partner you have not seen before; especially if he is also a first-timer like yourself. Here are just some of the comical things I experienced with my little ones’ first-time dad:Number OneDad is almost certain that every sound the baby makes means she is pooping! Baby laughs – she’s pooping. Baby squeals – she’s pooping and it MUST be hurting her. Or my favorite, baby actually passes gas – OMG it’s leaking out and we better hover her over the tub until she’s finished!Number TwoWhen dad says he will get up with the baby and let you sleep tonight, what he really means is – he will get up with the baby for a maximum of 15 minutes before coming to wake you up, (as if you were actually sleeping and not laying there listening to him struggle through the monitor).Number ThreeThe phobia of touching little lady parts. Me – did you wash her girly area?  Him- What do you mean? Yeah, I sprayed it down.
….oh great.Number FourDad swears the baby is always hungry! You just fed her 5 ounces 30 minutes ago, but when she starts to cry it definitely means that she is on the brink of starvation and must be nursed back to life with an immediate bottle. Side eye.Number FiveNo matter how many times he has prepared a bottle that day, dad will ALWAYS ask how many scoops, how many ounces, and how long to shake it for. Always.Number SixThe infamous what did you do all day question? Yeah, it’s real. And he WILL ask it. It must be a mystery how all the clothes are washed, folded, and put away – the dishes are done – the bottles are clean and drying – the baby doesn’t have any throw up on her – AND dinner is on the stove. ‘Cause heaven forbid he comes home and you’re still in your favorite pajamas; it must mean you have done absolutely nothing all day!
Leigha Mom With Baby Ellie JPGBut don’t fret new moms! There is always that glorious first time that dad stays home for a full day with baby. You walk in to find: dirty diapers on the coffee table, half-drank bottles scattered throughout the house (there’s even one in the bathroom; why were you feeding the child in the bathroom?), and the baby is still in last nights clothes. Ah yes, on this day you are greeted with the warmest embrace and an apology for ever daring to wonder what it is you do all day!

Yours Truly, The Mom Maid.

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