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Fiance does my Makeup Challenge | LYLAS Video

Seeing how my Fiancé swears he’s good at everything, I expected him to do pretty well on this makeup challenge. I was terribly mistaken. Watch him pretend to know what he’s doing, while also making me look like a clown!


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Happily Ever After isn’t One Size Fits All

I met Nick, my now husband, when I was 18 years old. Since then we’ve built a wonderful life together and I’m grateful for every second of it. Most people dream of meeting their soulmate at a young age, settling down, starting their career, and creating a family. I mean, as a girl who grew up in the 90’s, that was all I’ve ever wanted. In a quick summary, my love story and adult life may seem ‘perfect’ – but to me, I never thought so.
When I was planning my wedding, most of my friends were traveling. I’ve spent many nights awkwardly accompanying my single girlfriends on a girls’ night out feeling like I belonged anywhere but at the dive bar in six inch heels sipping on a rail vodka-soda. I often bite my tongue when other girls talk about their college dating experiences or when someone shares an anti-young marriage article on social media. From my eyes, I’ve always been a sore thumb in my friendship circles.
My point: the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

There is no one size fits all happy ending no matter how many times Disney has tried to tell us there is.

If you want to be single and travel the world – do it. If you want to start your family at a young age – DO IT. I absolutely hate seeing other women shame each other on social media for picking a different path in life.
Even now, as a married 27-year-old with two babies, my list of mom friends is almost as short as the amount of times I’ve washed my hair this week. But, I’M HAPPY.  My career may not be where I’d thought it would be but I’m sure there’s someone out there who’s hoping to find her soulmate.
Life’s a lot better when you create your happiness. Comparison truly is the thief of joy. Choose to embrace diversity, uplift others, and support the different decisions they choose to make.
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One Word To Describe The RIGHT Relationship

New relationships can be fun and exciting. There is nothing better than the butterflies you get when your new special someone calls your phone, or knocks on your door. But how can you tell if this new relationship is the right one? I’ll tell you!

While I may not be a licensed relationship expert, or have written the book on all things love and romance – I have had my own real world experiences about dating that have allowed me to simplify this answer down to one word. Are you ready for it? Let the suspense build… drumroll… The ONE word that can tell you if you’re in the right relationship or not is – Easy. Yup, that’s right. The word is actually EASY.

Everything is just easy about this new relationship. He’s easy to talk to. You feel easy around him. His friends like you. Even better, YOUR friends like him (or what you’ve screen shotted to them so far anyways). There are no complications with scheduling, or timing, or potentially sassy mother-in-laws. It all just works. Trust me on this one. Everything about the new relationship will just be easy and flow naturally. And the right one is supposed to be like that.

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Now why do I say this? Well, for starters I have been in relationships that were NOT described with such ease. Examples? Oh, I’ve got them. Back in college I dated a guy who I thought was everything I wanted, at least on paper that is. He was a little bit older than me, which I assumed meant more mature *side eye*, had a career with goals he was working towards, polite, respectful, family oriented – you know, all that stuff we girls put on our “checklists.” Except there was just one problem – nothing about our interactions were easy. I never felt like myself around him or comfortable enough to talk to him about why I didn’t feel like myself. Conversations never came easy or flowed. And knowing whether or not our friends and family liked each other was not even a factor, considering in the many months we spent “dating,” we never met each others important people. There was just always some kind of bump in the road that should have made me walk away a lot sooner than I did – like not hearing from him for days at a time. Stupid boy. 

But then I found myself starting a different kind of relationship four years ago. One that was, take a wild guess, easy. He lived over an hour and a half away – but it wasn’t even a problem. We made time to see each other every second we could, and if we couldn’t actually see each other, we were in constant communication. His friends were funny, and normal (thank god, weird friends can be the worst). My friends couldn’t wait to meet him and most importantly, my grandmother adored him. I had never felt more like myself than on our first date, which everyone knows should be SO nerve wracking. But nope – it was all just easy. I remember coming home after our first date and runny to tell my grandmother everything about him. She asked me how it went and I told her, with absolute certainty, “I’m going to marry him one day, he just doesn’t know it yet.” Four years later and that man is now my Fiancé, and we are expecting baby number two together!

So if you’re wondering if your new relationship is the right one, just ask yourself this: Can you whole heartedly describe the start of this relationship with just one little word that starts with E and rhymes with peasy? If so, dive head first into that thing! If not, be a smart girl. Cut your loses and make room for the EASY one to come along!

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Worst Tinder Date Ever

Believe it or not – there was once a time when I wasn’t a baby growing, toddler caring, domesticated house wife of a woman. In fact I was actually a young, single, and ready to mingle college girl living in Tampa Florida. Like most single people during this time, I tested out the online dating world and tried Tinder. Now let me start with a disclaimer, I do NOT think online dating is bad. I have a best friend who went on ONE online date and is now happily married to that man. But of course that wouldn’t happen for me, because my life never goes that smooth (j/k, but not really).

Instead of the fairytale story my friend gets to share about her online dating experience, I have a story that could probably go down as the WORST Tinder date ever:

Okay, so I match with this man on tinder and we spark up conversation immediately. He seems funny and witty with a bit of sarcasm, which I personally like. After about two weeks of constant communication, we set up a movie date night. I know what you’re thinking, oh a “Netflix and Chill” kinda date? But no. At the actual movies, you sicko’s. Well, that’s what it was supposed to be anyways.

Fast forward to the day of the date and one hour before he’s scheduled to pick me up, he texts me saying he’s had a rough day and is just now leaving the gym. He asks if it would be super inconvenient to just stay in and watch a movie at my place. Wanting to give him the benefit of the doubt, I agree. Plus, I hadn’t even started doing my hair yet, so a messy bun and yoga pants was fine with me! But then I get another text. Saying that his gym is right by my apartment, so instead of driving all the way home, could he just shower at my place? Say what? He wants to shower in MY shower when he has never even met me? What if I was a slob with mold in my shower? What if HE is a slob and tries to use my loofa?! And why can’t he just shower at the gym? Im really not liking this. But once again, I agree.

So I hear a knock at the door and with a little bit of butterflies in my stomach (just being honest, I thought I liked this guy!) I open the door. Pause. This would be the part in a movie where everyone on the screen freezes and you only hear the thoughts of the main character. My thoughts are going something like this – First, omg why is he so short? His profile said he was 5’11’’ and yet I’m at least 2 inches taller than him standing here in my bare feet. He obviously lied about that. RED FLAG. Second, tiny hands. This mans hands are so freaking tiny they look like they belong to a small child. I’m not sure why, but RED FLAG. And thirdly, WHY DOES HE HAVE A ROLLING SUITCASE BEHIND HIM?! No lie people. A rolling freaking suitcase right behind him. Lord save me and also, RED FLAG.

After he comes in and we get past that awkward 10 minutes of meeting someone for the first time, he gets in the shower. This is probably when I should have called a friend to come bang on my apartment door about some emergency I needed to go help with – but I didn’t, cause I’m dumb. Sitting on my couch scrolling through movies we could watch, the tiny man emerges from my room in his most comfortable matching pajama set. I can’t make this stuff up people. He had on long red and black stripped flannel pants with a black shirt that had the same stripe pattern on the chest pocket. I get that we are having a night in, but your pajamas dude? (It didn’t dawn on me right then, but if he was coming from the gym and just happened to change plans to come straight to my place, why did he have a matching pajama set in his bag? Eh, I mean rolling suitcase? BRIGHT RED FLAG.) And in one of his child sized hands was a giant bag of protein powder. He walks over to my kitchen, as if he lives here or something, and plops this bag down on the counter.Side eyeing him from my couch, I watch a giant cloud of protein dust burst into the air. He laughed all nonchalantly and waved his hand in the air as if to help clear it up. Did he even attempt to clean up the layer of powder all over my countertop you ask? Ha. No.

But wait, it gets worse.

After I cleaned up the mess myself, I walked into my bathroom. Not only was his stupid rolling suitcase laying open in the middle of the floor, there was an OPENED box of condoms placed perfectly on my bathroom countertop. OH. MY. GOD. This kid can’t be serious. I mean, pulling a box of condoms out of your suitcase and putting them on display is one thing, but the box is open? This has to be a joke. And now I have an attitude. I prance my little petty self out to the kitchen and say “your stuff is all over my bathroom, can you clean it up? Oh and I see you forgot your condoms on the counter, you can put those away too.” And you know what he did? He acted OFFENDED that I would ask him to clean up his sh*t! Can you honestly believe that? This man was really getting close to appearing on an episode of Snapped as a murder victim.

I couldn’t even make it through the movie people. He tried to do the cute put your arm around the girls shoulder thing, except, he’s tiny. Remember? So I was uncomfortably forced to slouch down just so he could get his arm up and over. It had to have been less than 20 minutes in when I pulled the sick card – “I had lunch at a new spot today and am really not feeling good. I think I’m going to just call it a night.” Any normal person would pick up on that hint and just, oh I don’t know, leave right? LOL not tiny hand man. He asks if I want him to come lay down with me and rub my back? Dear god no. I would literally rather swallow glass than have to interact with you for a minute longer. But this kid just wouldn’t take a hint. I had to verbally tell him, in a slow teacher talking to a child voice, “I would like you to leave now.”

After packing his suitcase *eye roll* he makes his grand exit – matching pajamas and all. I have never slammed and dead bolted a door faster in my life. Looking back, I’m just thankful I wasn’t robbed or murdered that night. Because homeboy definitely had a few missing screws upstairs if you know what I’m saying.

Moral of the story boys and girls, some Tinder dates lead to marriages. And some Tinder dates lead to rolling suitcases, protein powders, and a new blocked number in your phone. The risk is yours.

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