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Fiance does my Makeup Challenge | LYLAS Video

Seeing how my Fiancé swears he’s good at everything, I expected him to do pretty well on this makeup challenge. I was terribly mistaken. Watch him pretend to know what he’s doing, while also making me look like a clown!


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Simply Straight Hairbrush Straightener First Impression VIDEO!

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about my first time trying the Simply Straight Hairbrush Straightener. Well, when gathering the research to write that post, we also filmed it! Watch my first impression below, and look out for a guest appearance from Miss Sassy Pants, Elliana!

Oh, the bloopers at the end are pretty funny too.

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What’s In My Hospital Bag | Plus Video!

Just like other first time moms, I had no idea what I was doing when it came to most things baby related. This included packing my hospital bag for my labor and delivery stay. When I tell you I packed enough for a small vacation, your girl ain’t lying! I had to dig through all the extra crap I packed in my family sized suitcase, I mean, bag, just to get to what I really needed; the basic essentials! So using my first mistakes as lessons learned, I now feel like I have exactly what I need in my hospital bag for my 2nd attempt at being a new mommy.

Hospital Bag – For Baby

While in the hospital, baby really isn’t going to need much, besides all the newborn snuggles in the world of course! If your hospital is anything like mine, they provide you with almost everything you need: diapers, wipes, formula, pacifier, blankets, etc.. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still bring them a few things. I packed two cute swaddle blankets that have a matching hat to wrap baby boy in for his grand announcement photo. (Not that this is necessary, but c’mon, I’m a blogger and have been planning out this picture for weeks now!) I also threw in 3 different footed pj’s in new born size with THE CUTEST prints on them. Although, I know baby will be swaddled the majority of our hospital stay. And I’ll just pick from one of those for his going home outfit!

Hospital Bag – For Mommy

As far as items for momma bear, I tried to pack just the essentials. Well, for the most part anyway. I did throw in some nail polish and basic makeup items, which some may not consider to be an essential right after giving birth, but I am hoping to not look so much like a mommy monster this time around!


  • Toothbrush & Paste.
  • Shampoo & Conditioner & Body Wash.
  • Body Lotion & Face Lotion.
  • Chapstick! (Extremely important girlfriend!).
  • Hairbrush & Hair Ties/Head Bands & Hair Spray.
  • Deodorant.
  • Prenatal Vitamins (You’re going to want to keep taking these even after you give birth!).
  • Makeup & Nail Polish – I’m a dreamer, okay? 😉


  • Going home outfit – take your biggest and most comfortable maxi dress. Trust me on this one.
  • 2 outfits – loose fitting and comfortable. I have roll over yoga shorts that I will keep unrolled up&over my belly, and loose fitting high-waisted capri pants. Both paired with a baggy t-shirt provided by my Fiancé’s side of the closet.
  • Adjustable sports bras. (You’re going to be swollen).
  • Large, unattractive underwear. (If you don’t want to wear the mommy diapers the hospital will provide).
  • Socks.


  • Pop-Tarts
  • Special K Bars
  • Fruit Gummies
  • Pretty much anything you typically like to snack on. You know, for when you’re waiting on baby daddy to bring you your gourmet take out!

For your viewing pleasure, I have also filmed all of this exciting information for you and posted it on our YouTube Channel. Yay! You can watch that below <3

Because we have Ellie, our 2 1/2 year old, daddy will be staying at home with her during the nights of my hospital stay. Therefore, he gets nothing in my hospital bag! Ha. I am so excited to bring this baby boy into our lives, and can’t wait to share him with you all! Stay tuned.

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You Can Now Watch Us On YouTube!

Krystal & Leigha have officially made the leap into the YouTube world together!

YouTube LYLASbannerPINK

We are so excited to start this new journey and hope you continue to enjoy hearing from us – now in video format! When deciding upon a channel name, we wanted something fun & sassy that every millennial girl would recognize. If you were anything like us in middle school, you signed EVERY note between you and your bestie with LYLAS  – love you like a sister. (C’mon, that wasn’t just us. Right?) Anyways, we felt it was the perfect name to unite all of our inner middle school hearts together. Because, who wouldn’t love to be 13 and carefree again!?

You can get your first peek into who we are with our quick get-to-know-me videos below! Be sure to subscribe to our channel (here) and help us grow! New postings every week.

Krystal & Leigha’s YouTube Videos

Love You Like a Sister,
Xo Krystal & Leigha

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Your Daily Guide to Social Media Hashtags

Hashtags – you either love them or deeply hate them. For bloggers and people who utilize social media to gain exposure for their business, hashtags can be extremely beneficial. Or, if you’re just trying to find some fun, new people to follow, you may also get caught up in browsing the top tags.

Have you ever wondered how to use hashtags or maybe, which ones?

Here’s a quick guide to navigating social media hashtags on a day by day basis.


In the world of Instagram and Twitter, Mondays are for man crush’s, motivation, and manicures. Try using one (or a few) of these for some Monday post inspo:

#ManCrushMonday or #MCM







Apparently, Tuesdays were made for traveling, alcohol, and transformations – but, probably not in that order.








Getting over the hump of the week and showing love to all of the fabulous women we know.


#WomenCrushWednesday or #WCW




#WednesdayWisdom or #WisdomWednesday


Almost every day of the week has a hashtag for posting an old pic, but Thursday is the OG throwback day.

#ThrowbackThursday or #TBT







Whether you’re spending your Friday in, out, or just looking good – there’s a hashtag for it all.

#FollowFriday or #FF

#FlashbackFriday or #FBF






As a dog mom, I’m a little sad that Caturday is a thing but I’m also slightly obsessed with clicking through all of the kitty pics.








Sundays were made for selfies, brunch, and relaxation.

#SeflieSunday or #SS






Or maybe you’re just looking to grow your following?

Here are some of the most popular hashtags used across Instagram.

#love #adventure #photooftheday #amazing #smile #follow4follow #like4like #look #instalike #igers #picoftheday #food #instadaily #instafollow #followme #girl #iphoneonly #instagood #bestoftheday #instacool #instago #all_shots #follow #webstagram #colorful #style #swag


Got a niche?

For my blogging friends, take advantage of blogger tags to grow your base! Blogging ain’t easy – even though we make it look it is.

General blogging tags: #blogger #bloggersgetsocial #lovecolorfully #bloggingtips #bloggerlife #ontheblog #thatsdarling #darlingmovement #theblogissue


Get more specific to find your tribe.

For example:

Location specific (#DCblogger) or, blogging Focus Specific (#FtinessBlogger #MommyBlogger #FashionBlogger etc.).

If you haven’t yet, check out our Instragams: @_KrystalBailey & @leighadoll –

Happy Hashtagging!

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