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Having Two Under Two | LYLAS Video

In less than a month we will no longer have two under two! Feels like yesterday I was laying in bed, 9 months pregnant, snuggling my 15 month old, and slightly panicking about what was in store for us as a family of four. The journey wasn’t easy but as the girls grow, and their bond forms, I am constantly reminded of how valuable these past two years have been.

Curious of some of the challenges we faced and what our two under two experience was like? Click on the video below!


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mommy must haves

My Current Mommy Must-Haves + New LYLAS Video!

My mommy essentials are constantly changing with seasons, development stages, and every other thing life throws at us! I’m also in a small state of disbelief that in just two months, we’ll no longer have two girls under two years old! But, do I really thinking having a terrible two-er and an almost one-year-old will be any easier? Yes and no – but I’ll save my reasons why for a different post. 😉

Currently, Giuliana, my oldest, is just about 22 months old and Isabel, our baby, is close to 7 months. Life these days is full of hair pulling, peek-a-boo, DROOL, many meal times, and LOTS of loads of laundry. I put together a list of my current mommy must-haves that help me get through each day and also some beauty products that I’m absolutely loving!

To see the entire list and hear why I chose each item, head on over to our new YouTube channel: LYLAS!  or watch below!

Products Mentioned:

  1. Lily Jade Diaper Bag in the style: Madeline Camel & Jade
  2. Replay Recycled Snack Containers
  3. Comotomo Teether
  4. Nuby Teether
  5. Carter’s Teething Bibs
  6. Crayola Bath Crayons
  7. Maybelline Falsies Mascara
  8. Touch in Sol Metallist Liquid Foil & Glitter Eye Shadow Duo
  9. Living Proof Curl Defining Styling Cream

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What are some of your current go-to’s?

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strong and kind

Pick Two: Strong and Kind

If you could pick two qualities for your children to possess, what would they be? The question seems like an easy one because most of us can name dozens of favorable qualities we’d like for our children to have, but the the catch is, you can only pick two

Would you pick qualities that give them a better chance of succeeding in the work place? Or how about ones that help them build strong relationships, friendships, and bonds?

When I first became a mom, the newborn days felt as if they lasted an eternity. My nights and days were so long and I filled a lot of my time with self help books and memoirs. One of my favorites was ‘Strong and Kind’ by Korie Robertson. It’s a book about her experiences as a parent, her stories, her battles, and most importantly, her realization that if you want your children to be good people, the best way to teach them is to show them. Pretty self explanatory, huh? Yeah, I thought so too. But Korie really opened my eyes to things I do that may not be teaching our girls the values we want them to exemplify.

strong and kind



When I think of the word strong, I think about the sports the girls will try, the criticism they will face, and as good as it is to win, the worse it feels to lose. I think about them coping with losing someone they love, experiencing heartbreak, and facing  challenges as they mature. Right now, Nick and I are here to help them develop but as quickly as these first two years have passed, I’m reminded that we won’t always be able to fix every problem they encounter.

This is why being strong is so important. I want them to be strong enough to say no when they want to and to stand alone if they have to. I want them to be strong enough to carve their own paths and create their own happiness. I want them to be physically strong, mentally strong, and most importantly, faithfully strong – and they need us to live those truths and show them. 


To be kind is to be of a good or benevolent nature or disposition, as a person. As strong as I want the girls to be, I want them to be equally compassionate, selfless, and kind. The best sense of fulfillment comes from acts of love.

Here’s where a few (or all) may disagree: I don’t think you have to take away toys/material things to teach kindness or selflessness. Will my children have everything? No. But, they will treat a janitor with the same respect as they treat a CEO. How? Because they will see that money and ‘things’ are fleeting.

As parents, it’s our duty to embody kindness with patience, gratitude, balance, honesty, compassion, loyalty, and humility. Whew, that’s a lot! But it’s amazing that those attributes can all be wrapped up in one word: kind. I don’t think the girls could truly live a fulfilling life without being kind.

I’d love to give my girls the world, but we cant. However, by modeling positive traits, with confidence, consistency, and unity in truth and love, we can increase the chances of our kids catching on to positive, life altering traits. 

I highly recommend ‘Strong and Kind’. I find myself revisiting highlighted sections and rereading chapters for comfort and guidance. 

Would you pick different qualities for your children? I’d love to know! 

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Two Under Two Update

In less hhan four months, we will no longer have two under two. Was it easy? Not really. But I wouldn’t trade this past year and a half for anything. The bond my girls have made every little bit of chaos worth it. Having back-to-back babies came with a few challenges but there were also a couple of concerns that I shouldn’t have given a second thought to.

The Challenges:


Trying to sync up their nap times is tough! Me time is a rare occurrence and I’m eternally grateful for baby wearing. It’s taken a long time to adjust to not having any down time to recharge. I like to always remind myself that this stage is temporary and that I will soon miss it.


Leaving the house takes a lot more planning and preparation than I ever imagined. Gone are the days that I can just grab my wallet and make a Target run. On the plus side, my biceps have gotten a little firmer from all the legs, hips, and bags that I carry on a regular basis.


Sometimes I feel like I live in the kitchen. For the longest, my oldest lived off toast and goldfish. She was a picky eater to say the least. But now, she eats anything I touch. At first, I was ecstatic to see her have an appetite! But then my youngest started solids, and now I do dishes just about as much as I do laundry. I still totally hate doing laundry more though.

What isn’t as bad as I thought it would be:


When I left the hospital after having my youngest, Isabel, my doctor told me to always remember, “No one ever died from crying.” I chuckled in agreement but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve calmed myself down from having a full-blown mommy meltdown by repeating those words in my head. Sometimes, both girls HATE the car. Sometimes, both girls tag team who’s going to wake up in the middle of the night for absolutely no reason and scream. I could list all the sometimes my girls give me a run for my money but I’ve never felt like I had to sacrifice my soothing. Mama instincts and love have helped me navigate the rough waters of learning how to respond to both.


This fear began way before I gave birth to baby number two. I had so much love for my first baby girl, Giuliana, and I couldn’t imagine how on earth I could love another little human as much as I did her. Looking back, my fear of not being able to spread my love was silly. My heart grows for both of my girls every day without effort.

“The days are long but the years are short.”

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Healthy + Tasty Toddler Smoothies

If you follow me on any social media outlet, you know that I’ve taken my healthy new year’s resolution for 2017 very seriously. To date, I’ve lost 24 pounds and, after having two babies in the last two years, am starting to FINALLY feel just a smidge closer to my old pre-baby self. Recently, I’ve added smoothies to (almost) daily meal regime.

I love that they’re quick, low-calorie, tasty, and, most importantly, easy to tweak to share with your toddler! Too often we end up tossing out fruit that happens to age quicker than we can eat it so, aside from jumping on the healthy smoothie wagon, I’m also slightly reducing our family’s waste – win, win!

Here are a few of our favorite toddler friendly smoothie combos:

Mango + Pineapple + Spinach

Blueberry + Apple + Spinach

Pineapple + Strawberry + Spinach

Banana + Strawberry + Spinach

Pineapple + Banana + Spinach

Tips + Tricks

Trim the Spinach – remove the stems and make sure the smoothie has NO trace of its texture. My toddler will run away screaming from any food that doesn’t meet her texture standards.

Use frozen fruit, not ice. Frozen fruit will create a better, thicker consistency than using fresh fruit and ice.

Vanilla almond milk or vanilla yogurt will make the smoothie a little sweeter and, if your toddler is a picky eater like mine, the few extra calories won’t hurt. 😉

We’re huge banana fans! If you ever question fruit pairings, pretty much anything with banana added to it tastes great.

Be a cool mom and have a fun straw collection. My girl loves picking out which straw she’s going to use and I’m 70% sure the straw is why she loves smoothies as much as I do.

I wish I could sneak even more veggies into my toddler’s smoothies and if I ever figure out the secret recipe, I’ll be sure to share!

A L S O ! I mentioned this guy a couple of weeks ago on my Instagram and how much my toddler LOVES using this bottle for fruit infused water. Well, Giuliana went through some MAJOR teething troubles when her molars came in so it was super nice to have something safe and cold to stick in mouth, and the smart bottles by Twist Shake Baby’s bottles have been our absolute favorite!

The bottles have a smart container in the center where you can store anything from a snack for on the go, powdered formula, or, our current fave, frozen fruit! They also have a super mixer that helps dissolve any lumps and keeps the fruit from clogging the bottle top.

Twist Shake Baby wants to give away one of their bottles to one of my mama friends! Head over the my Instagram – @_krystalbailey , for more info on how to enter!

They’ve also graciously provided a discount code for any of my followers curious about trying this awesome, anti-colic, BPA-free, PP-plastic, lifesaving bottle! Use code: krystalbailey20 for 20% off your order (even sale items)!

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