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Target Haul | Bullseye’s Playground!

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Everyone knows that Target is not just an ordinary department store. It’s much more like a unicorn filled magic vortex that sucks you in and makes you give it all your money! (Or is that just me?) I mean, I can justify spending any amount of money at Target. Forty dollars for a bean bag chair? Yup, need that! And to make matters worse, they now have conveniently located the new Bullseye’s Playground section to smack you in the face with MUST HAVE items as soon as you enter the store. (Gawd I love that section!)

This week’s Target visit was no different than any other: enter store – spend half of allotted budget as soon as I walk in – triple budget walking through the rest of the store – and grab an iced coffee to wash the sorrows away after check out. But if we’re being honest, I’m not even ashamed. *hair flip* Ellie, the little cutie pictured above, and I found some amazing miscellaneous items in Bullseye’s Playground that we just had to share with you all! *Caution* Be prepared to throw on your house slippers and zip to Target immediately! Or at least contemplate doing so.

Target haul Items with numbers

1. Tote bag – wet/dry $3
Makeup bag, pencil case, toiletries – the possibilities are endless! I love that it’s clear too, won’t have to dig all around to pull-out what you’re looking for.

2. Blue notebook – $1
Small enough to slip right in my purse for jotting things down on the go. Because pregnancy brain/baby brain is real people! And if I didn’t write it down, the conversation never happened.

3. ‘Think Spring’ wood sign – $3
Spring is quickly approaching! Unless you live in Florida, like me, where we just decided to skip Winter all together this year and do more of a Fall-Spring hybrid for a couple of months. Regardless, this wood sign is going to look adorable up on the mantel!

4. Ceramic Lantern – $3 
I couldn’t believe this was only THREE dollars! It’s actually pretty large. I’m going to use it for just a simple décor item on my office desk, but a cute flower or two peeking out the top doesn’t sound so bad either.

5. Note cards with envelopes – $1
I love sending my friends and family random little notes through the good ‘ole snail mail. And at 8 for a dollar, they’re cheaper than the stamp required to send it!

6. Pink tin cup – $1
Again with the possibilities! Makeup brush holder, pen&pencil holder, pixie-stick holder (c’mon, I can’t be the only one who loves those things!)

7. Fashion phone case – $5
Self-explanatory. It’s just so cute! Plus, they had them available for about every iPhone size.

I hope you enjoy these finds! And remember, always shop at Target with caution. (Or not!)

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