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Third Trimester Checklist & All of the Third Trimester Feels




I tend to live by deadlines. You would think that because I no longer have a 9-5 job, that my mindset would change but nope, not at all. I’m constantly preparing for the next big ‘thing’ in our lives and find it hard to slow down and enjoy all of the little moments. A few months ago I was wrapped up into planning Giuliana’s first birthday, then I was making sure everything stayed in order as we closed on our first house, and even after closing, I immersed myself into making sure the house was ready as we prepared for our first house guests and unofficial housewarming celebration – and even more recently, I scrubbed, unpacked, and triple checked my check-lists to make sure everything was set for our baby shower this past weekend. As much enjoyment and sense of accomplishment I get from completing a checklist, I’m sometimes flooded with guilt when I stop to take a breath and realize how much I’ve rushed through life – the good part of life, the sweet baby talk car rides with Giuliana, the nights of no teething when Nick and I are able to watch a movie together and talk about any and everything, the times of going out to eat as a family and our toddler fully cooperates and even entertains the tables next to us.

Too much of my mind is spent on figuring out how to accommodate doctor appointments and deadlines and with my due date just five days away, I’m a ball of emotions. I know that most likely, this time next week our lives will be upside down with our new little addition but I’d like to think that I somewhat have a better grasp of what to somewhat expect during the newborn stage. Yes, all four of us will be exhausted, probably hungrier than usual, and might not leave the house for a week or so (or shower), but I’ve learned that everything is temporary and soon, I’ll long for it.

Even being nine months pregnant, swollen, and fighting with pregnancy insomnia, I look at my belly and know that I will for sure miss it. These stages in adulthood are impossible to prepare for and when we’re going through them, we feel like we’re drowning but look for the light – there will always be moments of light that get you through the storm and before you know it, you’ll miss the sleepless teething nights of cuddling, the year full of firsts and new parent stress, and the small intimate moments you create with your significant other despite all of the baby chaos.

This pregnancy started as a total surprise, then turned stressful when we didn’t pass our down syndrome screening with flying colors, but a few unexpected bumps in the road and many more doctor appointments than we’d hope for, but we made it.


I wanted to do one last pregnancy related post before, you know, I’m not pregnant anymore and thought that I’d put my list making skills to good use. Here’s a small checklist I created for all of my third trimester mama’s.

The final countdown- Third Trimester To-do’s:

  • Baby Shower, if you haven’t already
  • Be even more aware of fetal movement and kicks. You’ll be visiting your doctor every two weeks, and soon every week, so make sure baby is moving frequently and tell your doctor of any concerns.
  • Prepare a birth plan with family and discuss it with your doctor – go over any and every concern/scenario especially if you are a first time mama. For vets, now is the time to figure out where the other kiddos will be during your labor and delivery.
  • Buy any baby items that you may still need – first aid baby items, diapers, wipes, etc.
  • Treat yourself – get a low maintenance haircut, enjoy every second of a prenatal massage and/or pedicure on your poor swollen limbs.
  • Pack your hospital bag
  • Install your car seat and make time to get it inspected
  • Find out from your hospital if you NEED anything – for example, should you pre-register online? Do you need a personal check or money order for baby’s birth certificate?
  • Contact your insurance provider to see if you qualify for a FREE breast pump and any other new parent perks
  • For working mamas: prepare your workplace for your maternity departure
  • Date your significant other as much as you can
  • Stay calm!

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