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Hello Lovely’s,

As you may have noticed, the girls of Beauty in the East have not been as active in the last few weeks as they normally are. Rest assured, that although you have not heard from them recently, they are still hard at work behind the scenes! Beauty in the East has some exciting projects and changes that are set to launch in the coming month! On top of working on these secret projects, the girls have had a busy couple of weeks dealing with… well, life!

As you know, Leigha and her family are enjoying and adjusting to life with their new baby boy, Lorenzo. He just turned three months old, so as you can imagine, Leigha is very much sleep deprived, but WELL caffeinated.

Krystal and her family have been adapting to life with a traveling hubby/daddy. Her husband, Nick, recently accepted a spectacular position, and while he is loving it so far, it does require quite a bit of traveling. Thus, Krystal is holding down their nest, and two baby birdies, all on her own!

They are very excited for the additions and changes they have been working on, and can’t wait to share them with you. As always, they thank you for your unwavering support and patience.


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